Licorera Cihuatán is a division of one of El Salvador's biggest sugar mills and proud owners of our country’s only distillery.

We produce and offer exceptional rums for licensed distillers and international spirits traders. Licorera Cihuatán controls the entire productive chain, starting from the sugar cane seed, distilling, aging, blending, and bottling ensuring quality through our craft processing methods.


Our Distillery:

  • The Distillery was stablished in the late 1980s.
  • We use 100% Salvadoran sugar molasses, very rich in sugars at 85 º Brix.
  • We control the fermentation of sugarcane syrups and molasses and produce 120,000 liters of pure alcohol per day.
  • 3 fermenting tanks are operated in parallel.
  • We used a combination of copper and stainless-steel palets to distill our rums.

Licorera Cihuatán is involved in the entire supply chain to guarantee quality and consistency

  • We develop cane seed varieties.
  • We work alongside local cane producers.
  • We operate our own distillery and aging warehouse.
  • We blend and bottle our rums.

Supporting local Cane Producers :

We believe in sustainability, and therefore work hand in hand with more than 700 local producers. We train them in new agricultural technologies and best practices and introduce them to new varieties of cane


Our operating capacity is 1,500 to 1,600 barrels per cellar. We currently have two aging cellars.

We sample the rum twice a year and analyse tannic content, acidity and esterification, in addition to sensory analysis as part of our quality control best practices.

El Salvador’s temperature variations contribute to produce a more balanced product.

In the morning we have and average temperature of 36ºC which decreases to 26ºC at night maximizing the interaction between the rum and the barrels.

Pyramidal distribution of our barrels.

Our pyramidal configuration allows all the barrels to be exposed uniformly to the oxygen in the environment, optimizing the oxidation process.

All our barrels have been previously used in the production of Bourbon whiskey.


Our fresh rum is low-congener. For 2018, we’re also offering a variety of Aged Rums from 1 to 13 years.

Fresh Rum:

Rum distilled to 94.9º GL (low congeneric level) and then diluted to 65º GL.

Aged Rum:

Rum distilled to 94.9º GL (low congeneric level) and then diluted to 65º GL. These rums age for 1 to 13 years in oak barrels and are sold with their corresponding age statement.

>> We also offer in-house blending and bottling services.


We believe in growing as a family, just like sugarcane does. Therefore, we continuously contribute to our local communities and are proud of what we’ve achieved together:


Over 1,730 local families have been benefited with medical services provide by us.


Over 1,000 students participate yearly in sporting events, contributing to eradicate child labor.


Companies like Licorera Cihuatán have contributed to these efforts with awareness talks for the prevention of child labor, benefiting around 610 families.
(El Salvador has been awarded for the eradication of child labor cane harvesting.)


We provide drinking water for 3 schools in surrounding areas, benefiting over 800 students.


We’ve contributed in the refurbishment of 5 local schools, so students have better access to facilities that are appropriate for education.


We believe in using every resource available. That’s why we’ve bet on generating electricity produced from our own sugarcane bagasse.

We produce 100,000 mwh each year, of which 40% are used to power our facilities. The rest is injected into the national grid, powering 55,000 homes generated with our renewable energy.

Our Figures For Harvest

Agricultural Yield

79.9 TM/HA

Cane Milled

930,829 TM

Sugar Produced

109,896 TM

MWh Produced

84.061 MWH

Liters of Alcohol

2,223,632 LTS


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